Solving the Personalization Mystery: Case Closed

Struggling to solve the mystery of perfect personalization? 

Recently, our team conducted a survey of B2B marketers across a variety of industries to find out how they were implementing personalization technology and techniques in their marketing strategy. And, while 80 percent of respondents said that they see the benefits of omnichannel personalization, many are struggling to implement it successfully.

Thankfully, your personalization strategy doesn’t need to be filed away as a cold case just yet. Boxever has the answer to several personalization mysteries and we’re ready to help you close the case on successful implementation.

Is it possible to successfully integrate data?

It’s no surprise that data integration remains an unsolved mystery for many marketers, given the amount of data available today. The solution? Investing in a centralized data platform. This gives marketers a hub for all their customer data to reside, allowing them to get a complete cross-channel view of their customer. Our airline customers engage with thousands of customers daily and its humanly impossible for them to remember every interaction and past touchpoint with a customer. But, with a central data hub, they have a resource to pull interactions from online and offline channels and paint a complete understanding of their customer’s journey.

Can customers receive consistent messages across channels?

According to the 2017 Consumer Trends Report, 55 percent of consumers surveyed state that customer loyalty discounts and offers influence them to complete a purchase. But imagine receiving an email loyalty discount offer for a retail store and arriving at that store only to find out they don’t accept the discount. Companies need to ensure their personalized content and messaging is consistent across channels, which can be difficult considering each channel has its own set of tools for personalization. Marketers find themselves needing to create a set of rules and decisions for every network, which time and resources don’t always allow for. Once again, intelligent technology is the solution to this challenge. Solutions like Boxever offer a centralized hub for decision making and rules that marketers can apply across all channels. This ensures their customer is getting impactful, personalized engagements with their brand.

Is real-time personalization possible?

AI and automation are the solution to assisting with real-time, personalized customer interactions. For example, if an airline customer experiences severe flight delays or misplaced luggage, sending an email immediately after the flight asking her to share her experience on social media isn’t the best course of action.  Airlines don’t have the human bandwidth to track their individual customer’s journey on such a granular level but logical automation can help with strategic, personalized interactions. Intelligent technology can activate adjustments in messaging in real time to ensure the right content is being sent to a customer for a given scenario. Timing is crucial for customer interactions, and marketers, much like Holmes, need to accept that they can’t tackle every engagement alone.

Will personalization cost me too much?

Our final mystery is our easiest one to solve. While it is true that successful personalization implementation involves investing in new technology, the reward of long-term customer loyalty is well worth the investment. Money spent acquiring a new customer can cost marketers seven times more than retaining an existing one, and yet many companies focus on marketing to new customers instead of working to keep existing ones. Personalization is the answer to brand loyalty and customer retention, so it is worth investing in the tools to be successful.

Ready to solve your personalization mysteries? Learn what our solutions can do for you.