Cultivate Loyalty. Earn Repeat Business.


Whether turning one-time buyers into frequent fliers or reactivating dormant customers, Boxever can help you drive engagement across your known customer base across multiple channels, developing loyalty & driving repeat business.

  • Email Newsletters

    Keep your customer base informed of new products relevant offers with timely and relevant newsletters. Boxever uses deep knowledge of every traveler’s profile to enable you to create dynamic newsletters that specifically match their lifecycle and preferences, increasing the likelihood they’ll return to buy.

  • Display Remarketing

    Remarketing helps you stay top of mind with customers when they’re in an active shopping cycle. Boxever’s single customer view, insights, and real-time decisioning helps you intelligently manage your offsite retargeting efforts, making spend more efficient and messaging more relevant.

  • Web & Mobile Optimization

    Customize your site’s experience for each customer based on their profile and current behavior. Boxever recognizes return customers in real time and can dynamically personalize the experience – presenting specific offers or content best suited for each visitor. This supports relationship building between customers and your brand.

  • Mobile Push

    Context is perhaps most critical on the day of travel. Boxever enables you to push mobile communications to customers to facilitate their trip – based on a deep understanding of each customer’s profile, their current location, and context. This enables you to alert travelers of changes or delays, or reward them with a perk in the airport (such as a free coffee or lounge pass).

  • In-flight

    Give your flight attendants greater insight into each and every passenger in the cabin. With the Boxever single customer view & associated insights at their fingertips, flight attendants can better customize their service to each customer, whether to make amends for a previous service disruption or reward for loyalty or social clout.

  • Call Center

    Customers expect to be recognized at any touch point with your brand, so empower your call center staff with the full breadth of customer insight available from the Boxever platform. Agents can understand not only call center history, but also the full scope of their digital and purchase behaviour – and even recommend the next best offer once the service issue has been resolved.


You eat, sleep, and breathe travel marketing. So do we. Built by travel industry veterans specifically for travel companies, Boxever’s solution bakes in deep knowledge of the complexities of travel products & data to help you make the most of your marketing efforts – and dollars.