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Immediate Results

Using Boxever’s Intelligent Cart Recovery, you can instantly start communicating with customers who have abandoned products in their online shopping cart with highly personalized emails or web-messages. Companies who have implemented cart recovery programs see 18-20% conversion, resulting in millions of dollars in recaptured bookings.

Quick & Easy Setup

With a simple java code drop on your site, instantly know when a customer abandons their shopping cart. No need for a complex integration with your shopping cart platform or payment gateways.

Personalized Email

Send highly personalized emails with dynamic content to your abandoners, inviting them back to the website to complete their purchase. Set up and automate your email sends once and let Boxever algorithms take care of the rest. Emails powered by Boxever take the full profile of a customer and context into consideration when recommending what content to send.

Reporting & Analytics

Get out-of-the-box reporting abilities that help you easily keep a track of how much of the lost revenue you have regained along with detailed analytics on your email performance.

Built for Travel - the Boxever Advantage

The Boxever platform is built exclusively for Travel and our expertise in this space helps you successfully navigate the complexities of this industry with ease. We provide quick and painless integration with your GDS and Booking Engines.

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