Boxever™ Engage

Leverage your profiles to make customer driven real-time decisions

Now that you have a truly omnichannel guest context in each profile, maximize its value with predictive decisioning and data activation. Boxever™ Engage is a Predictive Personalization Engine that is constantly running, processing any event from any customer and centralizing decisions for marketers to target at the right time on every channel. It starts with real-time activation - receiving session data on a website, email, mobile device, or another source. Boxever evaluates the event and looks at the customer’s profile, segmentation, and all prior responses in similar contexts to deliver a predictive offer most likely to get a “yes.”

Predictive Offers

Unlike if/then systems, Boxever™ Engage constantly analyzes data points, making decisions and refining them based on real outcomes. By having a complete view of each guest’s real-time context, the system understands every customer “in the now.” As a result, we create contextually-relevant personalized offers, actions, recommendations and predictions for every single interaction.

Smart Actions

Operating as negotiator and traffic cop, this element connects to and handles requests from both inbound and outbound channels to execute the next best activity, whether a real-time chat session offer, a 1:1 batch urgency email or a mobile push request.

Tracking & Attribution

Boxever™ Engage tracks offers and their performance (e.g., click data, bounce data, open rate) that can enrich a guest profile and allow you to analyze your performance, as well as enabling A.I. to learn from the outcomes and grow smarter over time. You can see and understand who is responding to which offer.


Boxever™ Engage enables you to test new programs, variables, models and campaigns. Results can be fed back to enrich individual profiles or to verify personalization hypotheses. The system can inform you when statistical significance is met to help you decide what actions to take and what strategies to pursue.

Real-time Activation

Boxever™ Engage delivers the best response through the most appropriate channel - fast. For example, the response to a service issue notification could be an email or text to the customer, an alert for the call center to contact the customer personally – or any combination. And the Product Personalization Engine responds in less than 150 milliseconds!

Performance Analytics

Personalizing at scale, with millions of customers at once, requires advanced analytics to track the performance and success of each interaction. Boxever™ Engage's Performance Analytics measures the results (positive and negative) of all personalized interactions served by the platform. You’ll measure and adjust your own Predictive Personalization Engine to provide your customers with unique and valuable experiences that improve over time.

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